I am a French-to-English translator with over 10 years of diverse experience. In addition to the projects listed below, these books, and these plays, my translation portfolio also includes: 

    • archival documents & correspondence
    • certified translations of visa application materials
    • grant applications & other funding request materials
    • legal documents
    • marketing copy
    • press clippings
    • show presentation packets
    • tech riders
    • website text

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    Film Translation

    I have translated and edited film scripts and subtitles for the projects below, as well as several forthcoming titles from French film production company, Les Films du Bal.

    Magazine Translation

    I connected with Flurina Rothenberger on a research trip to Côte d'Ivoire and had the pleasure of translating NICE Magazine for this bilingual edition.

    Interpretation Experience

    • Eva Doumbia (Autophagies (Self-Eaters) tour, 2023)
    • Alexandre Bella Ola (Autophagies (Self-Eaters) tour, 2023)
    • Latifa Ibn Ziaten (Alliance Française of New Orleans, 2022)
    • Felwine Sarr (Duke University, 2021)
    • Hortense Archambault (Under the Radar Festival, 2021)
    • Caroline Guiela Nguyen (Festival d'Avignon, 2020)
    • Charlotte Boimare & Magali Solignat (CUNY Segal Center, 2019)
    • Ariane Mnouchkine (Park Avenue Armory, 2017)

    Men kneeling ladle stew out of a big pot on the floor, woman speaks at microphone

    Food Origins & Evolution

    The way we eat and talk about food is linked to our individual and collective identities. On this week's show, we look at the origins of some of our favorite foods and common misconceptions about them. We meet playwright and stage director Eva Doumbia. Her performance piece, Autophagies (Self-Eaters), which was performed in New Orleans in March, explores food history, its colonial legacies, and human cost. Eva joined us in our studio, along with interpreter Amelia Parenteau.

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