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I served as dramaturg and French language coach for this queer feminist horror play exploring the real (and not-so-real) relationship between Madame Tussaud and Marie Antoinette. (Jody Christopherson, 2021-2023)

Autophagies (Self-Eaters)

I translated Eva Doumbia's Autophagies from French into English and produced the US premiere productions of the English language version in a multi-city tour. (Cie La Part du Pauvre/Nana Triban, 2019-2023)

Men kneeling ladle stew out of a big pot on the floor, woman speaks at microphone

Food Origins & Evolution

The way we eat and talk about food is linked to our individual and collective identities. On this week's show, we look at the origins of some of our favorite foods and common misconceptions about them. We meet playwright and stage director Eva Doumbia. Her performance piece, Autophagies (Self-Eaters), which was performed in New Orleans in March, explores food history, its colonial legacies, and human cost. Eva joined us in our studio, along with interpreter Amelia Parenteau.

Eva Doumbia and Chef Alexandre Bella Ola Interviewed

I first met Eva Doumbia while she was on a research trip to New Orleans. I was enthralled by her explanation of the show she was creating which used elements of documentary theater and religious ceremony to address food history, its connections to the transatlantic slave trade, and colonialism. I was honored when she asked me to translate the show from French into English and produce its United States tour.

Le Loup en slip (The Wolf in Underpants)

I adapted and directed Wilfrid Lupano's Le Loup en slip (The Wolf in Underpants) as a bilingual, family-friendly performance for My French Book Fest. (Alliance Française of New Orleans, 2022)

Mille Chemins, Partie Un

I programmed a French robotic voice to guide participants through the interactive, long-distance theater experience of Mille Chemins, Partie Un. (600 HIGHWAYMEN, 2021)

America is Hard to See

I was a member of the three-person research & development team that created this documentary theater project about the lives of convicted sex offenders in Miracle Village, Florida. (Life Jacket Theatre Company, 2015-2018)


I wrote this living room play meets coming-of-age story and co-produced a one-night run at Dixon Place in NYC with Emma Kimball. (2016-2017)

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