writer ・ translator ・ theater maker

Works in Progress

- Equity & Justice Facilitation as part of No Dream Deferred's Equity and Justice for Institutional Change team

- English translation and US tour of a new documentary theater work, Autophagies (Self-Eaters), by Eva Doumbia's company, La Part du Pauvre/Nana Triban

- English translation of Guy Régis Jr's Moi, Fardeau Inhérent for Princeton's Seuls en Scène French Theater Festival

- Collaboration with Jody Christopherson on a new work about the history of America's asylums


The Shows That Got Away and/or Found a Way

One of the most important jobs of theatre journalism—some would say its central, even only, job—is to bear witness to and commemorate a fundamentally ephemeral medium in words and pictures. That’s plenty true in normal times, but this documentary mission has become especially urgent in a time of deep uncertainty and constant reshuffling due to an airborne virus, which has disproportionally encroached on art forms and social practices that rely on appointment gathering and shared (indoor) space.